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Leopard at Bengaluru

By G. Balasubramanian

Mr. Cylis was quite excited. He shouted, “Cynthia come here, come here.”

“Why are you shouting. You are shouting so much even for the second round. I think your tolerance level is coming down” she replied.

“No, just come:” He was standing near the glass window facing the road. “See there outside. Near the landscape outside. Isn’t it the tiger?”

“Tiger is only inside the house. Not outside” she remarked. Nevertheless, she peeped through the window. “Yes, it is. Are you shooting?”

“I can’t shoot. Wild animals can’t be. I am only taking a photo” he said.

“That is what I am asking. Are you shooting?”

“Yes, I am” he replied. It was 11 30 pm. “Wake up the kids. They will be thrilled to see”.

“Lovely” Cynthia called her second daughter who was still sitting and doing homework.

“Come soon We have spotted the tiger.”

Lovely, who walked towards the window saw the animal “Mom, it is not tiger”.

“Yes, yes I know, it is cheetah.”

“No” Lovely shouted. “It is a leopard”

Cynthia’s mother Ms. Grace who walked in said: that is the problem of sending you to the school. You have a name for everything. They are all tigers only” she said.

Lovely looked at her grandmother. “They can’t be. If I write like that in the exam my teacher will give me zero”

“Don’t teach me. I have also been teacher.” Ms. Grace spoke with her early pride.

“Let me bring Mary, she is sleeping”.

Cynthia went to bring Mary. “Mary, get up and see in the window. Tiger has come”.

Mary, who was fighting with her dreams said in broken voice “Mom, Tiger can’t come He has gone to Switzerland for shooting.”

“I am not talking about Salman Khan. I am telling you the real tiger has come”.

Mary woke up half-heartedly and saw through the window. Ouch! See how good the skin is. Beautiful dots. Mom, I told you know. I needed a shirt in the same colour with the same dots.”

“Even I asked for a handbag with tiger skin and dots from your dad. It is five years. Nothing has happened” Cynthia replied,

“Well, whether the tiger or the leopard kills me or not, both of you will” commented Cylis.

Ms. Grace. said “Always thinking of fashion, dress”.

The story was entirely different in the apartment right below.

Mr and Mrs. Sharma had also come to know about the animal in the campus.

Mrs. Sharma was in her late fifties. She really started praying “Ma Durga”.

“Sahibji. Suniye, it is navarathri you know, Ma Durga is visiting our campus. I am blessed. My prayers have been answered. “

Her daughter Vineeta, in her sixteen, was standing nearby. “Ma. Don’t speak loudly. People will mistake you.”

“Why? After all I am seeing Devi only on the tiger?”

“No Devi doesn’t come sitting on the tiger. She comes on a lion”.

“Never mind. We live only in Singhasandra. Singha is lion, you know.”

Vineeta just kept quiet because she knew that she can’t have an argument with the mother.

Mr. Sharma was worried “What is the security guard doing? Is he sleeping? See, the dogs are chasing the tiger. But the security guard doesn’t. Tomorrow everyone will ask only me why we are paying so much to the night guard if he cannot chase away the animal?”

“Jaya Jaya durga devi” Mrs. Sharma was murmuring.

Vineeta was asking her brother Shyam “Hey, why that Leopard is not eating the dogs?”

“Because they are street dogs and stray dogs. They won’t be tasty. Moreover, they are very bony. No flesh in them” He gave a reply to her as if he was answering his teacher in the classroom.

The story was different a little farther in the electronic city.

Two young men working as software professionals who were high on the drinks had spotted the animal from their windows.

“Vicky, see the leopard is seen outside. It is on a stroll.”

“Bro, get him also a drink yaar. He should be tired walking and running too long” Gopi knew Vicky was out of senses.

“Gopi, do one thing. Just sit down on your laptop and put on ChatGPT “Leopard in the city” and find out what AI must tell you about such strolls.”

“Of course, but not now. Let me watch the animal”.

“Listen first check whether it is a real animal or a robot, because every time I open my bank account it wants me to declare that I am not a robot. We must also check wether the animal is real or a robot.”

His argument made a lot of sense to me.

Vicky continued “Hey, is it a tiger or tigress?” Gopi shot back: How does it matter to you?”

“Because my fiancee behaves like a tigress.: Vicky replied.

Gopi commented Certainly if she sees if she sees monkeys like you”.

Vicky laughed during his next sip.

As the animal moved into the M S Dhoni school of campus, a young employee who was informed of this new entry in the campus on his mobile phone, was waiting with his roommate.

“Hey what should we do if it comes near our building. We are on the ground floor.”

“Wait, take this ball, and keep it ready. Bowl a yorker through this window”

“And if it hits a sixer? asked the young man.

The royal walk of the leopard around the city has indeed provoked a lot of discussion. And the young lady journalist on her scooter has just arrived to write her story. She really spotted the animal sitting on the top of a BMW car in the campus.

Being an investigative journalist, she was suspicious about the animal choosing a BMW car than others. Investigation will happen for the next few minutes.