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National Science Day

By G. Balasubramanian

A few years ago, when I visited a Primary School in US, I saw a student of grade 3, running with a paper windmill from one corner to the other in the school campus. I stopped him and asked whether it was his games period. His reply stunned me. He said "Hi, I am doing science practical. I am trying to learn how to convert wind energy to mechanical energy." Scientific thinking and scientific aptitude is more important than studying the facts of science, which become redundant day in and day out. I realize that nearly 80 percent of science which was taught to me in schools in sixties has becoming a laughing stock today. All that is important is to teach children how to think analytically, creatively, innovative and position knowledge in context. On this National Science Day, I really wish our approach to the pedagogy of science undergoes a meaningful change.

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